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Ahimsa; the practice of non-violence towards all living things, plays a huge role in Indian culture.

A compassionate philosophy that is embedded deep within the roots of our religion. With the highest percentage of people who chose to be vegetarian, India is a great place to exercise all your dietary wants.

We have 15 healthy and happy cows with us at the Puranik foundation, which mean fresh, unadulterated products to promote healthy and holistic living – and if you’re vegan, the animals will love having new playmates!

Cows, throughout Hindu mythology, have been revered as sacred beings and therefore consuming cow-meat has been recently banned in the state of Maharashtra; What began as a socio-political movement has appreciated into a generous recognition of religious sentiment within the state. At Puranik Foundation we encourage a mindfulness of all living creatures as well as the sentiment we bare for them.

While vegetarianism is a common lifestyle choice in India, veganism or Lacto-vegetarianism is a tougher path to follow, though not impossible! India is one of the top milk-producing countries in the world, a huge proportion of the Indian diet consists of cheese, cream and butter (loads and loads of butter…) That being said, most of our nutritional value is derived out of plant-based foods such as legumes, lentils, and beans.

Will it taste better cooked with butter? What doesn’t! But with tough choices come great rewards and Indian chefs have a knack for making even the most tasteless of vegetables enticing.

Substitutes for dairy-based diets are many! Lentils, legumes, soy, coconut milk, almond milk and cashew milk are rich in nutrition, easily accessible and vegan. This lifestyle choice is (thankfully) gaining more momentum within Indian communities for its clean and cruelty-free ethics. The increasing popularity of this movement allows for more options of vegan food substitutes, encouraging more people to be a part of this cruelty-free movement.

Seeing as a majority of Indians already opt for a vegetarian diet, veganism is looking to be the next best thing for the world, and us, to live a life of true Ahimsa.