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To study abroad is an experience that many students want to have, I guess that’s why you are reading this blog, right?

Well, you are in luck! Today we are sharing the story of Mia, one of our very own students that joined our last Study Abroad Program in Pune, India. Knowing that you are ready to experience a new culture is the first step to get ready, at least that was Mia’s greatest expectation for her Study Abroad program.

So, let’s get started!

1. First, we imagine you googled:

“Study Abroad Programs”
The fact that you are researching about different programs is a great sign. For Mia, the selection of a study abroad program was a little bit easier. She heard about it in her school.

Choosing a Study Abroad Program without guidance can be very overwhelming, there are so many options out there that we recommend you talk to your school counselor or study abroad advisor – if you have one.

If your school doesn’t have an on-campus study abroad advisor, you can always reach out to us directly or request us to reach out to them. Just fill out the contact form, and we’ll schedule a visit with your teacher.

2. Why do you want to study abroad?

Now that you are researching about it, choosing the right program based on your objectives for studying abroad, will help you make the most out of this once in a lifetime experience.

Some of the most common interests in studying abroad are:
• Travel
• Adventure / Sport
• Cultural Studies
• Experience a New Culture
• Volunteerism
• Spiritual
• Freedom from Parents
– This one seems to be very common in high school! lol
• Language Studies
• Degree Programs

For Mia it was evident that she wanted to learn more about India’s culture, travel, have a new Adventure / Sport, and of course, some freedom from her parents (she is a high school student)

3. How long would you like to study abroad?

Shorter sessions are ideal if this is your first time traveling abroad. These usually occur during Spring, Winter, and Summer breaks. Somewhere between 10 days up to 3 months!

Mia joined the Summer Break Study Abroad Program in Pune, India for ten days. She had never joined any cross-cultural/international activities in the past, so this option was perfect for her!

4. Communication barriers

Unless you are choosing to Study Abroad to learn another language, it’s essential to consider how you are going to communicate. Specific study abroad programs offer language study in the particular country’s official language.

Luckily for Mia, the program she chose had staff that spoke English and volunteered to teach English at a school in India!

5. Pricing

When you are researching different study abroad programs, you need to consider what’s included:
• Flight tickets
• Housing
• All meals
• Trips to the city
• Transportation

Fortunately, Mia chose the Impact India Study Abroad program that is all-inclusive.

6. Location

Selecting the location should be somewhat comfortable. Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about the place you want to visit. Mia only had some familiarity with India’s history and culture, and she chose to travel to Pune, India to Study Abroad!

Mia’s top 3 reasons she chose Pune, India:

“I’ve always been interested [to study abroad]”
“I love the [Indian] clothing.”
“I love the food.”

Choosing a location with a rich culture where you will be able to create a significant impact will help you get the most out of your Study Abroad Program.

These were some of Mia’s greatest takeaways in her own words:

“I have gained better insight into myself.”
“I have a greater sense of independence and self-confidence.”
“I want to come back and learn more!”

Mia’s three favorite aspects of her Study Abroad Program were:

1. [Playing & interacting with the] kids
2. Festivities
3. Food

We hope this blog post helped you get ready to choose the right study abroad program.

Follow your heart, research, and start planning for a life-changing experience.

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