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The Nurture of Nature

  “Look deep into nature, and you will understand yourself better.”- Anonymous Education is the pillar upon which the future of our world depends. India’s ancient system of Gurukula education is what modern schools are moving back toward as a more advantageous method...

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6 Benefits of Studying Abroad in India

So, what’s your story? Are you thinking of taking your studies abroad but have a ton of questions? Let me guess… Maybe you would like to know more about the benefits of studying abroad in India to help you decide? Instead of finding small nuggets of advice on studying...

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Angelie’s Study Abroad Experience

Feeling a bit nervous about how your study abroad experience will be? Of course you are, and that’s okay, you are not alone… Meet Angelie, she was nervous too. She wanted to feel 100% ready to study abroad but had some concerns about how her studying abroad experience...

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3 of the Best Experiences Patrick had Studying Abroad

Wanting to see and experience different cultures by studying abroad? You are not the only one! Studying abroad is a once in a lifetime opportunity that many students from all over the world, want to experience. This is probably the reason you are here reading this...

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How Mia Chose Her Study Abroad Program

To study abroad is an experience that many students want to have, I guess that’s why you are reading this blog, right? Well, you are in luck! Today we are sharing the story of Mia, one of our very own students that joined our last Study Abroad Program in Pune, India....

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How to speak Hindi

The word Hindi was initially used to refer to the habitants of the region east of the Indus River until it became the official language of India. It is derived from the Persian word Hind which translates to ‘land of the Indus River.’ Most Indians will tell you that...

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Livin’ La Vida Vegan

Ahimsa; the practice of non-violence towards all living things, plays a huge role in Indian culture. A compassionate philosophy that is embedded deep within the roots of our religion. With the highest percentage of people who chose to be vegetarian, India is a great...

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IBMA Students Spend Spring Break Giving Back

Spring Break: Volunteer Abroad or Stay Home? For many students, spring break usually means vacation on the beach, a road trip across the country, or simply rest and relaxation at home. However a group of local high school students spent spring break doing hands-on...

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HAIS Students Travel Halfway Around the World to Give Back

For many students, spring break usually means vacation on the beach, a road trip across the country, or simply rest and relaxation at home. But students from the Houston Academy for International Studies spent their time away from school performing hands-on service...

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