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Wanting to see and experience different cultures by studying abroad?

You are not the only one!

Studying abroad is a once in a lifetime opportunity that many students from all over the world, want to experience.

This is probably the reason you are here reading this blog, right?

Well, meet Patrick.

Patrick’s exciting experience studying abroad could help you decide if studying abroad is for you.

Here are three of the best experiences Patrick had during his trip to Pune, India.

So, let’s get started!

1. Being with all of the kids

Studying in India, halfway across the world, Patrick loved making new friends. Meeting kids from different countries from all over the globe made campus life exciting and fresh.

> He fully immersed himself into campus life and made an effort to reach out and meet new people.

Patrick became a part of the youthful wave and the new era in India. He loved every minute of being with his friends and experiencing everything campus life had to offer with them.

2. Seeing a new way of life

Studying in India through our Impact India program changed Patrick’s life. He experienced things that opened his eyes to a whole new world of the modern age. He found out that life has its ups and down and studying abroad put him in places that amazed, educated and encouraged his human spirit.

> Patrick came home with more experience and resilience to and from the world.

He faced the good and the bad that comes with seeing different ways of life. And Patrick says, “Trust me — it is sooo worth it.” He came home more informed and well-rounded because of it.

The good news is…you can too!

3. Creating a family

Patrick was nervous about making new friends at first studying abroad. But soon he realized that it wasn’t so hard after all. He took it upon himself to get involved in different things like classroom events, university events, and social clubs. This made making new friends a cinch!

> Staying away from social media, he decided to focus more on life in front of him and not on a computer/cell phone screen.

He dove right in and got involved in many activities with friends. He soon found that the campus and his new friends were becoming more to him. The campus was more like home, and his friends were now family.

Patrick also learned some important things about himself.

Even though he missed his family, he learned to rely on his self to accomplish goals in front of him. He learned to do a lot on his own.

Studying Abroad through our Impact India program can help you do this too.

These were some of Patrick’s thoughts on studying abroad in his own words:

• “I learned I can depend on myself.”
• “Friends became my family.”
• “I focused on activities to bond with everyone.”

Patrick’s three favorite aspects of his Study Abroad Program were:

1. Celebrations and Festivals
2. Learning that Hinduism is a way of life (and not so much a religion)
3. Beautiful Dances

I hope this blog post helped you with your choice to study abroad program.

Studying abroad is a big decision, so follow your heart, research, and start planning for a life-changing experience.

Don’t be shy, get in touch and learn more about studying abroad and what it can do for you!