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The Rehka & Sudir Purnik Foundation is a virtual “living lab,” full of natural resources and simple technologies designed to conserve, recycle and care for the environment. It is surrounded by lush hills, beautiful waterfalls and an abundance of natural resources. Located in Nimbalkar Wadi near Katraj, a remote area of Pune, the Puranik Foundation is similar to much of India’s rural population without infrastructure and access to running water or electricity.


Despite these challenges, the organization is fully sustainable. Cow manure is collected, mixed with water and channeled into fermentation pits. The Foundation uses the resulting gas to provide energy for cooking and laundry. Organic waste is also produced and then dried for use as fertilizer.

Solar power provides electricity for the Puranik Foundation’s Vision International School, and allows students to do school work even after the sun goes down.

To battle drought during India’s dry season the Foundation harvests rainwater, providing a steady supply of water year round. The water is used for drinking and reused for cooking, cleaning, and agricultural irrigation. Not a drop is wasted.

Solar Cell

The Rekha & Sudir Puranik Foundation is dedicated to conserving, preserving, and protecting the environment. The organization’s efforts have already impacted the villagers living nearby as they become more ecologically-conscious and healthy. Today, Puranik Foundation and the surrounding community are working to foster a culture that minimizes their impact on the environment.


The Foundation also welcomes visitors to its “outdoor classroom.” It can serve as a learning center, a project-based station, or an area for meditation. The Puranik Foundation offers an opportune location to learn about renewable energy, sustainability and to conduct experiments.

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