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In India today, 4% of children never start school. 58% don’t complete primary schools. After five years of classes, fewer than 60% can read a short story or do simple math. 90% don’t complete school. Many are pressured to work and earn money for their families. Only 10% the country’s 440 million children go on to college.1

Vision International Learning Center was established over a decade ago to provide impoverished children in rural Pune with a quality education and an opportunity to break the cycle of illiteracy and poverty. The residential English Medium School provides students safe and stable housing, meals, clothing, and an opportune environment for learning.

Vision International recognizes the challenges that prevent so many children from attending school and believes when you feed a child, you make it possible for them to learn. And when you make it possible for them to learn, you make it possible for them to feed themselves and their families for years to come.

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By sponsoring a student, you can make a substantial difference in the life of an underprivileged child in rural India. Sponsors give anything from $10 USD to $200 a month, a huge sum to the child you will be helping, but less than the cost of two Frappuccino’s at Starbucks or dinner at a five-star restaurant.