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The Puranik Foundation is enriching livelihoods…literacy…and lives

Your donation can support efforts to help uneducated, unemployed, poverty-stricken men, women and children in Pune, India. Your generosity will ensure that marginalized individuals from some of India’s poorest villages get an opportunity to develop, thrive, and achieve their full potential to become successful and productive members of society.

Living Lab

to the Living Lab Program

  • $25                  one shrub
  • $50                  100 foot water pipeline
  • $100                one tree
  • $150                one all-weather, eco-friendly wooden bench
  • $250                field study kits for 12 students
  • $500                lumber and materials to construct a small bride
  • $1000             grounds maintenance for one month
  • $2500             building a raised bed garden and fence

Water Recycling & Conservation Program

to the Water Conservation & Recycling Program

  • $25                  daily cost of excavation machinery to build and maintain trenches
  • $50                  first-flushing valve (drains out dirty water before entering storage tank)
  • $100                water treatment cost per month
  • $150                monthly maintenance of water supply pipes along property
  • $250                drip irrigation extensions and repairs
  • $500                four charcoal water filters (improves taste, removes odors, reduces sediment, sand, silt, rust, and chlorine taste)
  • $750                one large cistern
  • $1000             material for building retention ponds
  • $2500             5,000 gallon water storage tank

Vision International Learning Center

to Vision International Learning Center

  • $25                  one month supply of toiletries for five students
  • $50                  school uniform for one student
  • $100                biannual doctor’s visits for five students
  • $150                team sports fee for one student
  • $250                books and supplies for one student for a year
  • $500                one laptop computer
  • $1000             a year’s worth of meals for one student
  • $2500              one student’s total education (room, board, uniform, books and supplies) for a year

Na’ī Śuru’āta Job Training & Adult Education Program

to the Na’ī Śuru’āta Job Training and Adult Education Program

  • $25                  books and supplies for one adult literacy participant
  • $50                  basic tools for one vocational trainee
  • $100                maintenance on training tools and machines for one month
  • $150                tuition for women’s solar panel installation and maintenance course for one participant
  • $250                salary for an adult literacy teacher for one month
  • $500               desktop computer for computer lab and testing room
  • $1000             fees and transportation for certificate-earning short-term vocational course
  • $2500             supplements 50 participants’ income while in training and education programs for six months
  • $5000             support 100 participants and their families while in training programs for six months