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नई शुरुआत Na’ī Śuru’āta Job Training and Adult Education Program

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Seventy-five percent of India’s population lives in rural poverty, in villages lacking basic services, communications and infrastructure. A typical farmer feeds and clothes a family of four on $2 per day. According to a 2013-2014 United Nations report, nearly 300 million of India’s adults are illiterate, by far the largest population of illiterate adults around the world.

Illiteracy has tremendous consequences on these individuals who struggle to meet basic everyday needs. Many suffer from hunger, ill health, instability, and low self-esteem. To combat the cycle of poverty and illiteracy prevalent in a remote area of Pune, India, the Rekha & Sudhir Puranik Foundation established the Na’ī S︠uru’āta Job Training and Adult Education Program. Na’ī śuru’āta means new beginnings in Hindi. The program aims to create self-sustaining communities by providing basic education and vocational training to mothers and fathers, day laborers, farmers, and migrant workers from surrounding villages.

Job Training Farming

Participants learn to read and write in Marathi and English, and discuss topics like religion, politics and family planning. Classes give these “students” a new outlook on life and their role in society. The program also provides invaluable exposure to the city, by teaching these isolated villagers how to ride the rail, take a taxi, and shop in a market.

Illiterate and marginalized villagers are also gaining employment, exposure, and experience in using recyclable materials and green technologies for electricity, water, waste and agricultural farming. Through the Na’ī Śuru’āta program, these forgotten individuals are learning to develop and use innovative, accessible, and low tech solutions that will help the Foundation become more efficient and remain self-sustaining.

The Na’ī S︠uru’āta Job Training and Adult Education Program aims to teach these villagers simple technologies they can understand and also use to improve their own well-being and households. The program is centered on the Foundation’s “whole person wellness concept” and empowers them take charge of their lives and seek opportunities to make it better.

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Types of Job Training Offered

  • Agricultural and Livestock Farming
  • Brick and Cement Masonry
  • Carpentry
  • Electrician
  • Excavation
  • General Construction Labor
  • Painting
  • Plumbing
  • Welding