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Impact India Study Abroad Program

Enriching Livelihood…Literacy…Lives


The Impact India Study Abroad program is a service-based leadership program that allows you to see the world as a classroom…and provides unique experiences to teach you something about yourself.

The program is designed to bridge cultural barriers and create global understanding through a rich, eye-opening, perspective-building, cultural experience that will challenge you to step outside of your comfort zone and expose you to a way of life completely unlike your own.

The program encompasses a year of festivities and culture in 7 days. The students go through a process of self-discovery, through daily yoga and reflection series conducted by a certified life coach. Students experience off-grid living, spread over 24 acres, encompassing spectacular hills and waterfalls. They learn to live sustainably off the grid as they experience the use of alternative energy and natural resources.

You will gain a deeper understanding of India’s rich culture and a new perspective on the country and its social and economic challenges and opportunities. The Impact India Study Abroad program will enrich your life and leave a lasting impression on your view of the world.


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