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‘Bridge India’ is a mentor program offering an internship opportunity for college students in Houston. Students will be given the chance to travel to Pune, India in 2018 and live on the Puranik Foundation’s 25-acre campus for learning and work in a field of their choice, business, medical, fine/performing arts, engineering or software related industries.

Six-week Internship Program

The Foundation will host up to 40 students and provide room, board, medical care, cultural experience, and all needs while at the school for the six-week internship. Students will be paired with two mentors, one in the US and one in India, based on their field of study. Alongside the Internship the students will work on a social project, that will allow them to hypothesize and experiment as another part of their learning. Mentors will either suggest or validate student projects.

Students will gain insight of cultural synergies, challenges, and professionalism by working in a developing country. This is a great opportunity for students to ‘bridge’ or connect with Industry professionals and learn as they gain a new perspective toward life as an integrated whole.

The Foundation is also pairing with mentor pools in Houston, i.e. The Indo-American Chamber of Commerce and other such groups and companies, who will volunteer business professionals, interested in mentoring these students. The Foundation will provide quality and safe accommodation for the students and will be the contact and ‘bridge’ between the students and these organizations.

2018 Program Costs and Dates

• Orientation – June 10 – 16, 2018
• India Internship – June 17 – July 30, 2018
• $ 2,750 + $250 deposit to secure your spot
• Non-refundable deposit due by November 15, 2017
• Final payment due by April 30, 2018

As this year is ‘Bridge India’s’ kick-off year, we are approaching various industries to get their insight, ideas, and feedback, as we strive to create an ideal Internship/Mentorship program based on what companies need.

Bridge India Application Process

Interested students will need to first complete the online application found here. If your application is accepted, you will be invited to interview for the program.

You will need the following items prior to starting the application process.

  • Recent photo of yourself in a .png format 10kb max
  • 50-word introduction of yourself describing your interests, hobbies, and activities.
  • A 300-word essay or a 2-3 minute video* answering one of the topic questions below:
    1. How would you want to inspire someone?
    2. If you win a ticket, what kind of ticket would it be and where would you go.
    3. If you have unlimited funds for an event, what would it be? Be sure to include how you would allocate the funds.
    4. Write a fictional story about a person who finds success and happiness.
    5. Write a story about a social injustice and how you plan to change it.
    6. If you were a significant character from history, who would it be and why?
    7. If you could invent some kind of technology, what would it be and what problem would it solve.

    *2-3 minute video uploaded to YouTube and include a link to the site.

  • Letter of Reference from a professor, past employer, or business leader; a non-relative. The reference letter should be up to 200 words and addressed to the Puranik Foundation. Describe your relationship to the applicant, how their accomplishments at your organization or in your class, reflect any unique professional, academic and character qualities, and how these would separate the applicant from other potential candidates. Submit the letter as a pdf file with a filename including the applicants first and last name. ie john.smith.referenceletter.pdf.

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