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One third of the world’s children living in poverty are in India. Statistics reveal that there are close to 13 million child laborers and at least 18 million Indian children live on the streets. Children – as young as five and six years old – are forced to work. The lack of basic infrastructure, sanitation, communication, and schools in many of the country’s rural villages, result in high levels of illiteracy, inadequate health care and limited or no access to social services.

The Rekha & Sudhir Puranik Foundation is providing children from some of India’s poorest communities an to opportunity develop, thrive, and achieve their full potential to become successful and productive members of society. The Puranik Foundation was established in 2000 to tackle the poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, and low-income challenges facing rural residents in Pune, India with a particular focus on children.

Who We Are

The Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Worldwide Oilfield Machine, a designer and manufacturer of flow control equipment for the oil and gas industry based in Houston, Texas with a manufacturing hub in Pune. The Foundation aims to broaden exposure to global social and economic issues among students from around the world.

Located in a remote area of Pune, the Puranik Foundation has no access to running water or electricity. Despite these challenges, the organization has established a fully sustainable community spread across 25 acres, using alternative and renewable energy sources.

What We Do

The Puranik Foundation has three main pillars that encompass its objective to help individuals achieve a successful and effective life; education, environmental awareness, and job training. One of its key programs is a school for Pune’s most impoverished children.

Vision International Learning Center is dedicated to providing students with a quality education and an opportunity to break the cycle of illiteracy and poverty.

The Foundation’s Impact India Program provides students the opportunity to engage in hands-on service learning projects that make a real difference in one of India’s most poverty-stricken communities.

The Na’ī Śuru’āta (New Beginnings) Adult Education and Job Training Program provides basic education and vocational training for illiterate adults with limited skills and access to better paying jobs.

The Puranik Foundation is enriching livelihoods…literacy…lives.